free recharge tricks and apps 2017

So are you a student struggling with pocket money? Looking for some free recharge tricks to get some free money and get free recharge by that to get your internet connection up in next month running again OR maybe you are just looking for some free money. This is right article for you. I am going to tell you 9 apps. With few steps after installation will give you free money.

Why this?

Well! My question is why not? If you are getting some free money in this world where money is almost everything then why not? Each and every app mentioned in this article is 100% legal and will give you one of the maximum payout available in the playstore or ios right now. Most of the apps like True balance,Whaff and Mobile expression are personally verified by me. So get a coffe and some snacks beacuse this free recharge tricks articl gonna be long.

Free recharge tricks 2017

Apps mentioned in the article are

  1. Mobile expression
  2. WHAM
  3. True balance
  4. Earn talktime
  5. Whaff reward
  6. Champ cash
  7. Pocket money
  8. Opinion world


1. Mobile expression

This so far one of most reliable and best payout app over [ If you consider time yu invest to what you getting.]

MX RS.200 link

  1. Register for mobile expression using above link and ofcourse you have to give some personal details while registering.
  2.  After registering go to playstore and search Mobile expression or Click this.
  3. You are almost done after this 2 simple steps. Enter sign in details and you are done.
  4. Now every monday open this application and claim your points [As this is Rs. 200 link you will get 2 points each monday after 10 points you can redeem an amzon shopperstop gift voucher.Rs. 300 registration is cureently closed. In Rs.300 link you will get 5 points each monday after 20 points you can redeem Rs.300 gift card. We will update the article as soon as Rs. 300 registrations are open.]

Note-: 1.This application will use their vpn on your phone this may lead in slow internet speed or they can monitor what you are doing in internet world.( They are also here to make profit right?) Though you can turned the vpn off aftr every monday after claiming the points but we this may lead to account ban.

2.Sometimes the gift vouchers are out of stock so dont worry you will get your gift voucher by maximum 1 week just have some paitence.

3.You will also get 10 extra points after some weeks of installation.



Wham is simply is a refer and earn app. As in mobile expression you had reliabality of choosing whatever gift card you want. Sadly it is missing here. But you get various variety to choose products like Trimmer,headset and bluetooth speaker etc.

  1. First go to playstore and search for “Wham” and download the application or Click here.
  2. After installing the application sign up and enter reffral code.
  3. You are done here now start reffering and earn prizes.

P.S.-: It takes time to verify your reffral are legit and after that ship your prize. So as always have some paitence. Evey free recharge tricks or app takes time so paitence is the key.



3. True balance

This is by far one of the fastest way to get your mobile number recharged.

  1. First go to playstore and downlaod true balance
  2. Register your mobile number and enter reffral code
  3. Now start reffering and statrt earing[ each reffral=Rs.10


 Some other Free recaharge apps

1. Earn talktime

This app also takes 2-3 steps and 2-3 minutes to start earning

  1. Open playstore and search earn talktime and download the application or Click here.
  2. Now enter your details and reffral code.
  3. This is it as we told it just takes 2 minutes to start earning so why you are waiting? Start reffering and start earning.



WHAFF is also money making app same are always ramains same in app this money making apps.

  1. Open playstore and search WHAFF app or  Click here.
  2. Now sign up and enter your details and enter reffral code.
  3. Now start reffering WHAFF gives $0.3 for each reffral.
  4. Minimum wihdrawl is of $5 gift card.


Well I know that you know this app already. You may saw people spamming chamcash links in all social media networks and you maybe thiniking its a scam but its not.

free recharge tricks champcash

  1. Download the champcash from here.
  2. Now enter your details and sign up
  3. Its and reffral and earn program and also their are some tasks available like download apps or complete the survey.

4. Pocket money


Pocket money is also an reffer and earn app. It also just few steps to start earning.

  1. As mentioned for every other app go to playstore and search for pocket money and download the application.
  2. No enter your details and sign up.
  3. Now enter the reffral code and start reffering.
  4. For each reffral Pocket money is giving Rs.25 so why you are waiting start earning.


5. Opinion world

This is survey based app. Meaning you have to complete the survey provided by company in order to earn money.

  1. First go to opinion world fill up the form and while filling the form click on most of the intrest to get moe surveys,
  2. After this go to profile and verfiy your Email ID.
  3. Now after some weeks you will recive survey in your veriied Email ID.
  4. As of now Opinion world gives Rs. 60 per survey.

P.S.-: Sometimes surveys are not availble so have some patience.

Note-[ free recharge tricks  are just for some free money]

  1. All the apps mentioned in this article are 100% legal and they are gives real money.
  2. As company are here to make profit not loss they may monitor data or steal your personal info to make profit by using methods like vpn.
  3. So you dont like to be monitored by some apps then dont install these apps or you can use your secondary phone.
  4. free recharge tricks are just for earn purpouse dont use illegal scripts.
  5. If you use any free recharge tricks for illegal purpose we will be not be responsible.


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